The church in Kastelruth:

The Dean's Church to the apostles Peter and Paul is an example of the Viennese engineer style. The Kastelruther Gotteshaus - also called "Dom auf dem Berge" - was begun 1846 as a complete new building and in 1849 by the Sel. Bishop Johannes Nepomuk of Tschiderer was inaugurated.
Patron: June 29 (celebrated on the last Sunday in June with trapeze procession, huge flags, statues ...)
Step into our majestic church.

The tower:
The Kastelruther Tower, the most powerful landmark of Kastelruth, was built from 1756 to 1758 according to plans by Simon Rieder. The tower is open for inspection once a week, and offers from the top a giant wide view over the wonderfully situated village. For further information, please visit the Parish Church of Kastelruth.