InnerFitness® / Infit®

The Quintessence of InnerFitness
InnerFitness is an ingenious form to keep your body fit not only in the physical area, but also in the mental / mental area.
This type of fitness offers the possibility to recall the self at your own pace to re-experience yourself and to awaken and re-discover your own cells. Through our breathing and different methods of consciousness we can gain a completely new insight into our inner being. We get to know each other and feel, and experience how wonderful it is to use his breath in a concrete way to create new vitality. We expand our awareness and experience how grandiose and simple this is with the help of our breathing and meditation.
Through innerfitness, we learn to be more concrete with ourselves and not to seek happiness in the outside, but to discover that the true happiness can be slumbered and found in each of us. We deal with our thoughts-feelings and experience how valuable we ourselves are and at the same time can be valueless for all and everything inside and outside.
Concrete breathing exercises let you know how Prana's pure energy of life flows in you and flows through you and gives you an energy that can hardly be described in words.
These are just a few possibilities that InnerFitness offers.

An InnerFitness hour can help you solve old patterns of thinking, blockages, physical ailments, anxieties ... and much more.