Matrix 2 Point®

The matrix contains all the information of our existence. In our personal matrix we find, in addition to information about physical bodies, our past, our emotional impulses and the world of our thoughts.
Emotions, experiences, beliefs, suggestions and desires create our life situations with all their possibilities and limitations. With Matrix-2.Point, life circumstances can be significantly changed. Open up new possibilities and transform living contents.
An essential feature of the matrix is ​​that it encompasses the space of the variants. This includes the information about everything that was, what is, what will be and what can be. The matrix - we call it the field - is ultimately the very foundation on which reality takes place.
With the Matrix-2-Point meeting, we have a powerful, holistic awareness technology that brings us a step closer to the goal of bringing together the soul, mind and body. Blocks can be solved by Matrix-2-Point and new potentials can be aroused.