Prana is always and everywhere. Without this primordial energy, no life is possible. With every breath we breathe Prana, and can only live by it at all. Prana is the life-savvy.
But also the sun, the earth, the air are enriched with prana. Strictly speaking, we are always in a sea of ​​life energy that surrounds and permeates us.

The more Prana our body has available, the faster it can heal itself and the more power it can bring, at all levels, physically and mentally.
The Prana compensation is based on the knowledge that diseases are caused by energetic imbalances in the body. By thoroughly cleansing and vitalizing the fine body, the self-healing forces can be considerably accelerated. As a rule, the well-being can improve and the harmony between body, soul and spirit can arise. Through more prana in the body, the body produces more well-being and holiness, and the health and quality of life of a person is noticeably increased. Prana is to be used preventively and also when good health is to be restored. A method for each of us. And as diverse as every human being is unique.