The Dolomites in Summer

The Dolomites. Alose embrace of the most spectacular mountains in the world!
Dolomites and Dolomia, a particular type of rock.
The Dolomites owe their name to the Frenchman Déodat Tancrède Gratet de Dolomieu who "discovered" the chemical composition (stratified calcium magnesium carbonate) that renders this rock so different from all the rest. A nobleman and memeber of the French Institute, Dolomieu was also a geologist.
Enrosadira: a magic that has been repeating itself for millions of years. When day gives way to evening's first shadows, it casts an enchanting spell. Pink rock faces, like the colour of the legend. Like King Laurin's rose.

The Museums of the Great Wear 
A multitude of museums within the Dolomites recount the history of this people. An immense patrimony that is to be discovered and respected :
The open-air museum on Piccolo Lagazuoi
The open-air museum on the Cinque Torri 
The Tre Sassi Fort 
"Museum in the Clouds" on the top of Mount Rite